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Pull Your Home's Look Together With New Curtain Installations

Who says curtains should only be used for utilitarian purposes? 

Now more than ever is the perfect time to recreate your home aesthetic.

With most people working from home and spending less time outside of it, it is important to ensure that your environment is conducive to the type of life or work style that you want to lead. 

Think "What atmosphere should this room induce?"

Whether you're looking to create an ambiance that will inspire creativity, lull you to sleep, or promote relaxation, It is important to consider how your curtains can help facilitate that effect. So take your time and find the right style that will uplift your home life.

You handle the creativity and we'll handle the brunt work. 

Curtain Installations

Getting installation estimates can be such a hassle.


Especially when you're new to making additions or repairing areas of your home. Most contractors or handyman websites won't offer you prices on the spot because, in reality, prices are variant depending on your specific needs. 


That's why we at Green Panda Homes try our absolute best to give you ballpark estimates in order to simplify your life. 

Pricing made easy

Forget all the fancy add on's, let's say you want the basic bare minimum cost of labor. You supply the materials such as the curtains, rods, brackets, etc. and we do the install. 

On our end, that means we will first set up and then we prepare the area, followed by marking, drilling, mounting, and securing. Lastly, we clean up. 

Simple right? Assuming that's all you need, we estimate a standard 27-inch window curtain install will run you about:

1 Rod


2 Rods


Each Additional Rod


Need Hardware? 

Prices subject to local hardware prices

* Curtain installation prices can vary depending on the length/width of each window, the access to the window,  mileage rate reimbursement/commute time (if applicable).


**Cost estimate does not include the cost for any removal of existing rods, their relocation, or modification of any framing or surfacing. Please note that only the estimate given to you in writing will be honored. 

Materials To Buy In Advance

Besides the obvious curtains and their rods to hold them in place, there are few supplies that you need to buy before the install in order to complete the process.


Remember that the rods need to be secured to either the wall, frame, or ceiling. It doesn't need to be decorative, a basic color that matches the room will suffice. They are relatively cheap.

Center Support Brackets

At times, curtain rods can have the tendency to droop in middle. This can be remedied by adding in extra support to prevent the sag from rods that are either too weak or curtains that are too heavy. Additionally, if you have children or pets at home that could possibly tug on the curtains or add any extra pressure to them it would be a good idea to just add in that extra support to protect your investment. 


This part is purely decorative. It is the end piece that is attached to the end of a curtain rod. It adds an extra touch of elegance to your window.


Another form of decoration that holds each curtain to the side of a window. 

Need a Boost of Inspiration? 

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