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Drywall Repairs and Installations

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Wall Demolition

Although drywall makes up most of your home it doesn't consist of the most durable material, making it susceptible to many forms of damage.


Drywall is made up of thin panels of gypsum board and additives such as paper pulp, starch, along with a thickening agent and manila face paper.


You will find that most homes today use drywall because it is relatively cheap to produce, faster to install, and provides resistance to fire. But because it is such cheap product drywall doesn't hold the most structural stability compared to plaster and can often result in a need for repair. 




For small fixes that don't require a new drywall install. Not sure? Call or set up an appointment for our professional opinion


For big holes, large cracks, wear and tear, water damage, termite deterioration, and entire room installation. Best to leave this type of job to the professionals. Call us today!

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Remove popcorn ceiling, adding texture, or for anything ceiling related, we got you covered. Call us or set up an appointment for more info.

**Ask about special financing options


Water Damage

Water Damage Repair

Damage that is caused by water decreases drywall strength and can foster home for mold. This possible because drywall not only holds moisture for a long period of time, but it also provides the cellulose needed for mold to feed on. Mix that in with the warm conditions inside your home and the perfect breeding ground for mold has been established. 


Most people that have had experience with mold know that is unsightly. It causes discoloration in your walls and ceilings and can even leave a musty smell that might lead to a health hazard. Health-related issues stemming from mold include nasal and sinus congestion, respiratory issues, and skin irritations.

The best way to take care of this issue is to have a professional take care of the problem for you, mostly because improper removal can lead to the spread of spores throughout your home. At Green Panda Homes we always ensure proper removal and disposal of all materials. We do our best to minimize the production of dust during all repairs/replacements involving drywall through minimal sanding and the use of plaster and skim coating. 

Click to find out more about how we work with water damage restoration.  

The Process

Check out this drywall transformation to see how we got here!

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