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Garbage Disposal 

How to know if its time for a garbage disposal repair


The reset button will look similar to this

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and that rings true for even your garbage disposal. On average the typical garbage disposal can last for about 8-15 years with good care. But how do you know if its time for a replacement? Keep a lookout for these surefire signs to determine whether you need to call in a professional. 

1. You've attempted to turn the garbage disposal on but it won't make any noise.

If your garbage disposal is not turning on no matter how many times you flip the switch on and off this may be a sign that your garbage disposal has lost its power.

  • Before you jump to this conclusion first check to make sure that your appliance is plugged in properly. It may seem silly at first, but it could save you money from having a professional come all the way to your house and having to diagnose that as the problem.

  • If that doesn't resolve the issue you should press the red reset button underneath your sink and then try turning it back on again. 



  • If your garbage disposal is still not turning on after that then it's time to call a professional to check it out. 

2. Frequent Jamming and Clogging

You will know that your garbage disposal is jammed or clogged when you start to hear a low humming noise. This could mean that either your blades have gone dull or that you let food or material slip through that is not meant to be broken down by the disposal system. 

Although this can be fixed by removing the material or waste that has gotten stuck in your garbage disposal it is very annoying to have to experience this quite often, additionally, you'll run the risk of clogging the draining pipes down the line and in that case you'll notice that your sink will start to drain slowly. It's probably best to get a replacement before you get to that point. 

3. Leaky Garbage Disposal

If you have recently spotted small pools (or large puddles) of water underneath your sink it could mean one of three things depending on the location of the leak.

  • Bottom Leak: If your sink is showing leakage closest to where the reset button is located then you probably have damage to the disposal itself or the internal seals have been worn out.

  • Side Leak: If the leak is located on the side of the garbage disposal where the drains meet, then it is likely that the connections need to be tightened or resealed.

  • Top Leak: A leak where the sink meets the garbage disposal is likely to have come from the sink flange meaning there is a loosened or worn out seal that needs to be fixed. 

4. It takes forever to break down food.

This is your garbage disposal's main function. If it's taking too long to break food apart then you either need new impeller arms (blades) or a new garbage disposal altogether. Remember that most garbage disposals only last for up to 8-15 years, do you think it's time for a new one?

5. Your garbage disposal is backing up

This means that there is a clog in the drain lines. At times food particles can get stuck in the drain and when this happens, more material tends to collect over time until the pipe is completely blocked. This matter should be handled promptly to avoid any foul smells from starting to fester. 

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