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Members-Only Annual Subscription

For the Homeowners who value their investment and want to maintain their property looking as beautiful or better than when they first bought it

Purchasing a new home shouldn't stop there. Keep your home in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and preserve your curb appeal. 


Why should you invest in our membership?  


Green Panda Homes is dedicated to establishing a strong relationship with each and every one of our members. For us, you are not just another sale, and we want to earn your trust by offering you free annual home inspections to diagnose any maintenance that needs to be addressed soon and keep your home on a regular schedule. 

We offer an array of benefits and discounts that keep costs low and deliver reliable results whenever we complete a project. 

We have your back every step of the way.

*This is a sneak peek and for informational purposes only. Our members-only subscription service is still a work in progress and is undergoing some fine-tuning. Green Panda Homes is working on offering more perks to members and bringing additional savings.