Tv Mounting and Installation

With Green Panda Homes Tv Wall Mounting Services you will only be charged for the absolute essentials. Whether you decide to buy the materials on your own to save yourself money or take the easy route and buy the products through us, we offer flexibility at a price you'll be satisfied with. 

We offer 2 packages: standard vs. premium. Reference below to see what each offers.

* Starting at $199.99 

*Starting at $319.99

 *All packages are priced with the assumption that the customer will provide materials, any addition of necessary materials is subject to price change. Please set up an appointment for a full breakdown of your estimate

How to prepare for your TV mount install 

Decide where to position your TV

This is perhaps the most important factor. Besides the fact that the position of your tv sets up the focal point for your home, it is also a good idea to consider the viewing angle. If your TV is placed at too high or low of an angle it could cause neck strain. Having to remount your television later in the future means having to settle with holes in the wall from your previous placement and also a hole in your wallet. Save yourself money and consider this part carefully.

Possible add on's

Are you okay with having cables and wires visible? Would you prefer the wires to be hidden behind a wall or would you be content with a basic cord cover? Maybe you should have a power outlet supplied behind your Tv? Should your Tv have the ability to tilt/swivel? How about all the necessary supplies? Should we supply them or would you like to shop around yourself beforehand?  

All of these are questions you should start asking yourself before jumping into a television mount install. They have the potential to both lower and raise your price point, but also determine the aesthetic, ease of use for your living space, and the amount of time you spend before the install. 

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